Timing Is Key to Massage’s Benefits for Neck Pain

Massage can reduce neck pain whether it’s done frequently with a skilled counselor as well as for the right period of time, based on new study.

One-hour classes 2 or 3 times per week be seemingly best, said study investigator Karen Sherman, mature medical detective at Group Health Research Institute in Seattle. More information here onĀ Neck Massager.

“Within The temporary, 60minutes of massage is preferable to 30, and you wish to do multiple solutions per week for that first a month,” she said.

Her research, which examined the results of the month of massage, is printed within the March/May problem of the History of Family Medicine.

Prolonged neck pain is typical and comes from numerous causes — automobile accidents, resting in uncomfortable positions or spending hours hunched over a PC, included in this, Sherman said.

Physicians recommend anti inflammatory medications, but these medications often do not offer enough reduction, she noted. “Individuals With back and neck pain are not often pleased with the things they get from their physician, so that they are searching for something which works,” Sherman explained.

Previous studies of massage for neck pain have made inconsistent results, so Sherman’s group chose to look closer. Specifically, they desired to know what measure of massage is perfect. In a previous research, Sherman had discovered that advantages of massage were apparent after a month.

For that new research, she randomly assigned 228 women and men, aged 20 to 64, to 1 of six groups. These included 30-minute massages 2 or 3 times weekly, one-hour massages one, 2 or 3 times weekly, along with a comparison group receiving no massage.

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